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Guiding principles of the SOCCER City e.V. association for the Lengenfeld/Stein Football Boarding School

Every professional footballer started out as a young child. “When I grow up, I want to be a footballer” is a common childhood dream. Nowadays, to make that dream come true, talent and ability by themselves are no longer enough. As well as these two attributes, we believe it is also necessary to have an integrated approach to training and education. This approach starts in the classroom. It is continued within the boarding school, where pupils live together on a day-to-day basis, and on the pitch, where both children and youths receive professional training. As well as football training, which is without doubt the main focus of our efforts, we believe it is absolutely essential to help our young footballers to progress academically and socially, and to encourage each and every child in their personal development.

1. The overall concept – a basic outline of our Football Boarding School

The overall objective of the training we provide at the SOCCER City Football Boarding School is to help the talented young people entrusted into our care to maximize their development as footballers. Individual, age-appropriate training for these gifted people is the absolute priority here. The players’ development is paramount. Our boarding school pupils play competitive football for the various teams which comprise the JFV 1. FC Süd012 Eichsfeld club. We aim to build an atmosphere of trust within the teams that compete in the junior development group, so that our young players can feel at ease and develop to their maximum potential. Our young players, coaches and supervisors are expected to help maintain the positive image of the JFV 1.FC Süd012 Eichsfeld club by behaving in a friendly and sporting fashion. The sections that follow are intended to throw more light on the fundamentals of our football boarding school.

1.1 Football at Soccer City

At the SOCCER City Football Boarding School we ensure even the youngest pupils practise the basics in an efficient and effective fashion. (See “training in addition to the home club’s training”). In the area of sports education, our aim is to train children and youngsters with regard to basic principles, development and performance, so that they can meet the challenges — both the sporting demands, and the non-sporting requirements — of the modern football world. We want all the age groups that we look after to compete in sport at the highest level. This is why our overall concept is dynamic. It is subject to constant questioning and fine-tuning, and is always open to suggestions and new developments. Our players are given the space they need to challenge themselves and keep improving. This is the best way to allow enthusiasm, creativity and inventiveness to flourish on the field. The sheer delight of playing football comes first and foremost. A player should never lose the desire to play and train; success depends on commitment, motivation and the hunger to succeed. Our youth player development work should be viewed as occupational training, which must be continuous, future-oriented and thorough. When it comes to achieving our objectives, committed, qualified coaches and supervisors are key. The only effective work is teamwork.

1.2 The School

Our International Football Boarding School works in collaboration with various types of school in the area. For more information, just click on the link to the relevant school.

1.3 Personal Development

Social education through football – football as “the great motivator”

The foremost objective of education and training is always to strengthen children’s and youngsters’ self-esteem so that they can find their own way in life and learn to take responsibility for themselves and for others. Learning to take responsibility is also an essential part of football. In many cases it is not footballing talent in isolation but an individual’s personality that is the deciding factor between success and failure. Besides competitive football training, personal development is an important criterion at our boarding school. Education through football could be described as developing the general ability — or even the ability in principle — to manage in life. Bringing more value into one’s own life and learning to reflect in different ways are both processes that fall within this area. Football is more than just a physical activity. It is an aspect of our cultural heritage and part of our life as a society. Physical and social actions are closely intertwined. Understanding each other, discussing what actions to take, agreeing ground rules, resolving conflict, negotiating compromises — all of these are an essential part of life, both inside and outside the world of football. As an individual and as part of a group, learning about victory and defeat, those ever-present aspects of sport, creates valuable insights. Accepting responsibility and communicating values such as respect, tolerance, acceptance, fairness and honesty are central to the way we work. Since we see ourselves as an international Football Boarding School, we always guide our young players to respect social and cultural differences and to treat other people in a friendly and attentive fashion. Our boarding school pupils are self-confident, but behave with discretion. They perceive “otherness” not as a threat, but as something positive. They learn to reach their objectives by working in collaboration with others. As part of this process, they have to place their own individual abilities on the pitch at the service of the team, remembering at the same time to leave room for their particular, special, unusual qualities. Because of the wide range it covers, football can make a specific contribution towards holistic personal development. The experience of working in groups leads to important learning outcomes which have a significance that goes beyond the bounds of football. In summary, this experience yields the following values, which help to provide our boarding school pupils with a holistic education. 1. Respect and consideration
2. Fair play
3. Tolerance and open-mindedness
4. Friendliness
5. Politeness
6. Humility
7. Honesty