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Time limits

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Students from Germany

until 31.07. → Start 01.08.
until 31.01. → Start 01.02.


Students from abroad

until 30.06. → Start 01.08.
until 31.12. → Start 01.02.


Application process

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  • Fill out the application form online and upload documents
  • Individual consultation
  • Invitation to talent scouting
  • Performance and potential analysis
  • Personal recommendations for action
  • Contract offer with a fixed contract term

Contact person: Norman Wohlfeld

To the application form


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Shared flats *

for students from Germany:
10,000 euros per year

for students from abroad:
12,000 euros per year

Students in boarding school Germany *

20,000 euros per year

Students in boarding school from abroad *

24,000 euros per year

Scholarships **

max. 40% partial scholarship

* excluding lunch, school transport, school fees, school materials, class trips, training camps, leisure activities, pocket money, club membership, club and training clothing, insurance, visa fees, accommodation closing times, cost-intensive forms of nutrition, admission fees

** in the case of particular athletic, academic and personal aptitude (individual decision after talent screening) or special social circumstances (individual decision, proof of income and asset information required)


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Norman Wohlfeld

Norman Wohlfeld

Head of Applicant Management

Phone: +49 170 2928418