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Soccer academy Soccer City

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Educational facility for soccer

36 boarding school places

6 places in shared flats

Combination of soccer, school and personal development

Students born between 2008 and 2004

Project "My soccer academy"

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  • Fill out the application form online and upload documents
  • Individual consultation
  • Invitation to talent scouting
  • Performance and potential analysis
  • Personal recommendations for action
  • Contract offer with a fixed contract term

Start and planning

  • Admission interview
  • Introduction to school and class
  • Presentation of the team and team training plan
  • Boarding room concept
  • Introducing personal educator and personal trainer
  • Setting personal goals for 6 months

Execution and monitoring

  • Personal weekly plan including all sporting, school and personal appointments
  • Six-monthly development talks with personal educators and personal trainers
  • TARGET-ACTUAL comparison of personal goals
  • Setting new goals

Conclusion and perspectives

  • Final discussion at the end of the contract period
  • Placement of junior academy
  • Arranging a scholarship for studying abroad
  • Sporting and professional prospects in the Central Germany region

Former boarders

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